Best End Tables for Any Space of 2020: Top Recommendations

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Tables are the centerpieces of our homes. They are not simply part of the design; they also add functionality and comfort, making our houses cozy and welcoming. End tables are often overlooked despite their importance and convenience. They can be used to hold your drink when you watch TV and they can add a personal touch to your home décor.

The market has an abundance of options, ranging from simple furniture to more intricate models, functional shelves, and other items. Read on to find out more about the best end tables on the market.

Comparison Chart

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Homemaxs Sofa End Table
Best Choice
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Sriwatana Side Table
Best Price
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HOMFA Bamboo Tall End Table
Most Stylish

Best End Tables Reviews

Newvante Store End Table


This end table offers so much more than meets the eye. With an excellent design crafted from eco-friendly, high-quality bamboo, this is a durable, non-toxic, and pleasurable sight.


A plastic stand might fulfill its purposes, but a Newvante Store end table is a true statement of taste. It has a beautiful, deep, chocolate brown design and is made of 100% natural bamboo. Although the Z-shape is classic, it looks stylish without overcramming your home design, no matter what the theme is. This also ensures that it will blend with your other furniture.

The Newvante Store end table is highly practical, as it can be used as a sofa table. Due to its incredible stability and strength, you can place any items you need to on top of it, including drinks.

Another benefit of this product is that it is also space-conscious, so you do not need to worry about it taking up all the precious space in your living room. It is lightweight and compact, ensuring that you can move it around if needed. You may use it as a plant stand, coffee table, reading table, or you can add a functional piece of furniture to your home office.

One drawback might be that it does not come assembled, so you need some patience to put all the pieces together. One good part, though, is it comes with all the parts and tools required.


  • Simple, yet stylish design that complements any home design
  • Sturdy, reliable, and very stable Z-shaped frame that offers peace of mind
  • Versatile design that can be placed anywhere around your home
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly, high-grade bamboo for a lower environmental footprint


  • Assembly takes time


Sriwatana Side Table


If you are looking for the ultimate vintage elegance, Sriwatana is the best solution. It features a beautiful design that makes a true statement of beauty no matter where you decide to place it.


The Sriwatana end table has an exquisite matte-black frame with a wood grain finish. These are the core elements of its beautiful vintage style, making it a beautiful decorative accent with high functionality.

This C-shaped end table comes with a side pocket that is specially designed to hold newspapers, books, and magazines, as well as keep them within reach.

The shape of the table is suitable for placing it under your sofa or couch, saving space. This also means that you can now enjoy a good book while sipping your beverage using this versatile end table. It can also be used as a laptop table, coffee table, and much more.

This vintage-style end table is easy to assemble and includes all the hardware and tools. Its construction features iron tubes and a tabletop that is made of sturdy, stable wood. Another great feature is that its feet are non-scratch. This protects your floors, and the feet can even be adjusted to account for uneven flooring.


  • C-shaped design can be used to put the table under the sofa or couch
  • Extremely sturdy build with iron tubes and strong wood
  • Non-scratch, adjustable feet are suitable for any type of floor
  • Versatile design is easy to move around the room and can be used for any purposes


  • Vintage design might not be suitable for all home styles


Homemaxs Sofa End Table


Homemaxs provides maximum comfort with this end table. It can be used as a bedside table, end table, computer desk, or simply a decorative item in your home.


The Homemaxs end table is a smart solution for tight spaces. This is mostly due to its C-shaped design, as the base can be slipped under a chair or sofa, providing maximum convenience and comfort.

Furthermore, the table comes at the perfect height. It is 26 inches tall, which is slightly higher than a coffee table but also lower than a regular-sized table. This puts it at arm level when you are sitting, so you can enjoy a hot drink, read your favorite book, or have a snack while watching TV.

The product is crafted from thick carbon steel metal tubes, combined with a high-density board. This makes it extremely sturdy and durable, since it is able to withstand up to 45 pounds.

When it comes to stability, the table has non-scratch feet that are made of plastic, which can easily and quietly slide across hardwood floors. Furthermore, the feet can be adjusted to account for uneven floors and eliminate any wobbling caused by unlevel terrain.

Finally, the table has a sleek design that is ideal for any needs. The wood grain finish adds a modern touch and guarantees matching with any home design. This end table is perfect for keeping everything within your reach.

On the other hand, its quality and durability are matched by its higher-than-usual price. If you do not want to compromise on design, this might be what you need. Unlike other models, the assembly is very straightforward, and all pieces and screws are clearly labeled.


  • Space-conscious C-shape that is ideal for tight spaces
  • Ideal height of 26 inches ensures maximum comfort and convenience
  • Non-scratch feet are adjustable to account for uneven floors
  • Durable structure made of carbon steel tubes


  • Quite expensive


HOMFA Bamboo Tall End Table


As an alternative to average-sized end tables, this HOMFA bamboo table is suitable as a decorative centerpiece in your home. It can be used as a plant stand, coffee table, or to place vases, cups, and many other decorations on top of it.


The HOMFA bamboo end table is suitable if you are looking for a tall end table, not one that can be used when you sit on your sofa. This being noted, it is an excellent decorative item that will complement any home. It is 100% eco-friendly, as it is made of natural bamboo and has a retro, chocolate brown nuance.

The surface is smooth, making for a beautiful appearance. Despite its visual sensitivity, the table is extremely durable and sturdy, being able to hold plant pots, vases, and many other items.

The compact size of the table is matched by its lightweight design, making it easy to move or carry around. Given its smooth surface, it does not require intensive maintenance, as you only need to wipe it off with a cleaning cloth to remove dust and debris. It can be easily and quickly assembled, and unlike other models, there are no tools required.


  • Compact, lightweight, yet durable and stable design
  • Easy to clean and assembly does not require any tools
  • Structure is stylish and highly functional
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly materials


  • Tall height makes it inconvenient to use when sitting



EKNITEY is the ultimate choice for modern home design. Its beautiful round design also comes with a surprising feature – it is foldable and it comes with a removable tray.


Eknitey is perhaps the best choice if you are looking for a modern touch in your home. The table has a round, smart, folding design that ensures maximum functionality. Furthermore, it can be used as a serving tray for drinks, snacks, and other items. The plug-in structure found on the front and backside makes it easy to store and use. The curled edge design helps avoid any potential accidents when moving it around.

The table sports a structure made of waterproof, anti-rust, and sturdy materials. In addition to this, it has a powder coating for maximum protection and durability, guaranteeing a longer product life.

Each leg has a small anti-slip mat at the end, ensuring that the product is stable and does not scratch the floors. Thus, it can be easily moved around the home. Finally, its assembly is extremely straightforward and has step-by-step, clear instructions.

This table is versatile and has a unique design. However, its premium pricing might not make it suitable for budget-conscious buyers. If you want a quality table and the removable top is a must, you should consider this option.


  • Unique, attractive, and foldable design with a removable top tray
  • Very small footprint makes it portable
  • Sturdy frame made of metal
  • Feet do not scratch the floors when it is moved around


  • Premium pricing



All in all, an end table can offer plenty of convenience and comfort. Regardless of your home style and needs, our top choices for this year are extremely varied. For modern homes, and the versatile winner of our list, Eknitey scores high on design, and the removable top is a great feature that might come in handy at any time. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t decided yet!

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