Best Outdoor Furniture Covers to Purchase in 2020

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Outdoor furniture beautifully complements our favorite outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions, birds, wind, and other elements can damage it and shorten its life. This is why furniture covers are needed whenever we decorate our gardens or patios. Here are the best outdoor furniture covers of this year!

Comparison Chart

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M&H Large Patio Set Cover
Best Rectangular Cover
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Classic Accessories Patio Cover
Best Round Cover
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CKClub Patio Deck Box Cover
Best Sofa Set Cover

Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Reviews

M&H Large Patio Set Cover


The M&H cover is a versatile product that comes in three different sizes. It can be used to cover the entire patio set, providing a clean look. It can be used on tables and chairs at the same time, ensuring protection against the weather.


The M&H Large Patio Set Cover has numerous structural highlights. First of all, it comes in three different sizes: 90” x 60” x 24”, 108” x 82” x 23”, and 128” x 82” x 23”, ensuring a perfect fit even for large furniture.

It features a water-resistant backing that protects your patio table and chairs from the damaging effect of snow, rain, and birds. On the outside, it features a UV fabric that prevents it from discoloration over time. This means that your furniture cover will have a clean look for many years to come.

It is made of polyethylene fabric, which does not include any PVC. The main benefit is that, unlike PVC, polyethylene does not release toxic gasses in the air, thus preventing polluting the air around your deck or patio. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 120F.

The fabric is not only tough, but it is also windproof. In other words, it has an elastic cord on the bottom hem, ensuring a tight fit around your furniture. This keeps it in place during windy weather.

Finally, the M&H cover is equipped with air vents that prevent moisture from building up on the furniture. This also prevents mildew. Finally, when you do not use the cover, you can simply store it in the included storage bag. The product is easily installed and removed due to the large handles it features.

One main drawback of the product is that the straps that secure the cover underneath the chairs do not reach under the seat curvature. However, this might not be a large issue, as snow, rain, and other elements are unlikely to reach such a high level.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials that do not pollute the air around your patio
  • Waterproof, wind-resistant design provides all-year protection
  • Can be easily installed, removed, and stored in the included storage bag
  • Versatile design comes in three different sizes


  • Elastic hem does not cover the seat curvature


SARCCH Patio Furniture Cover


SARCCH is an excellent brand when it comes to furniture accessories. They have a customer-centric approach to manufacturing the most resistant products to keep your belongings safe in the harshest weather.


The SARCHH patio cover was recently updated according to customer feedback. It comes with stronger material and an improved design, that is suitable for all types of outdoor furniture. It features adjustable straps on both sides, ensuring a tight fit. Furthermore, to boost the quality, they also added 4 Velcro pads, one on each corner, further securing the cover in place.

The patio cover is made of waterproof, durable fabrics that boast a double stitching instead of a single needle, improving its reliability over time. This also means that it has outstanding anti-tear abilities against snow, storm, wind, and rain. The dimensions of this cover are either 83” x 52” x 29” or 124” x 70” x 29”, which is suitable for a wide range of needs.

Furthermore, the high-density Oxford fabric has a PVC inner surface that is waterproof. This means that it protects the furniture against UV rays and is able to reflect high temperatures that might discolor the cover.

As a result, this reliable furniture cover is not easy to tear or break, and it can fit any furniture perfectly due to the 4 Velcros pads in each corner. In addition to this, it comes with an adjustable hidden elastic tightener, and there is one release buckle per leg (4 in total). The adjustable straps on each side provide seamless integration with your furniture.

For a longer life, it is recommended to put a round object under the cover to raise the middle part. This will prevent the collection of debris or rain as it sags over time. This also ensures optimal airflow.


  • Updated product according to customer feedback
  • Adjustable straps and 4 Velcros ensure a customized, tight fit
  • High-density fabrics are weather-proof
  • Double stitching and quality materials ensure durability


  • PVC materials might release toxins
  • Does not have a venting system


CKClub Patio Deck Box Cover


If you are looking for a cost-friendly cover for your large boxes, the CKClub cover checks all the boxes. It is easy to use and secure, and it is extremely affordable, providing a complete experience without breaking the bank.


The CKClub is a quality box cover that measures 52” x 26” x 26”. It is water-resistant, ensuring that your box-shaped possessions are protected from snow and water during colder months. All the contents will remain dry and safe. What is more, you can easily slide it onto your boxes due to the hassle-free design.

Another great feature of the CKClub box cover is the durability of the materials. It is constructed with heavy-duty durable Oxford fabric, ensuring a long product life. For any skeptical buyers, it is worthwhile to know that the company offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.


  • Versatile dimensions are suitable for all sizes of boxes
  • Extremely affordable price for cost-conscious customers
  • Durable cover made of heavy-duty fabrics with UV resistance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to put on and slide off


  • Not as tight as other products


Classic Accessories Patio Cover


A quality, classy cover, Classic Accessories puts forward a product that provides full coverage, protection, and style. It is available in a versatile cream color, features a 3-year limited warranty, and is perhaps one of the most durable covers on the market.


This Classic Accessories cover comes in different sizes, ranging from small to medium, medium-large, large to extra large. For instance, the extra-large size is suitable for a round patio table with 6 standard chairs of 108” x 23”.

This product comes with all the elegance you need for your patio. While the fabric top is protective and repels water, the backing is highly resistant and laminated. There is also a protective dark splash guard skirt that provides extra protection.

Furthermore, the closing system consists of click-close straps that snap in the front, ensuring the protection of your furniture even during the windiest of days. Furthermore, the elastic hem ensures a customized, tight fit. There are air vents inside, which reduce condensation and allow for airflow, protecting against mildew and moisture.

Finally, this cover is easy to use due to the padded handles. These provide easy fitting and removal. However, there is also a price to pay for elegance and quality, and this product is no exception.


  • Very elegant, stylish furniture cover
  • Made of sturdy materials suitable for round tables and chairs
  • 3-year limited warranty backs up its quality
  • Weatherproof and has vents to prevent mildew and moisture
  • Can be used with ease


  • Quite a high price


Silvotek Furniture Cover


If you own L-shaped furniture, this is the ideal solution. The Silvotek furniture cover is specially designed to protect large L-shaped outdoor sofas. With an affordable price, it is able to withstand any adverse weather conditions all year round.


This versatile Silvotek furniture cover is ideal for protecting L-shaped sofas against snow, rain, dirt, frost, and even dust. It is made of marine-grade 210 denier Oxford fabric, which is known for its toughness and unbelievable resistance.

Furthermore, a great benefit of this material is that it is waterproof. In fact, it has an extra coating that boosts its performance compared to most nylon covers, making it resilient even when faced with powerful rainstorms.

Another great aspect of this quality L-shaped cover is that it provides a perfect fit. It features adjustable cords at the bottom that can be tightened around the furniture, ensuring a secure fitting that will not budge even on the windiest days.

The coating also has UV-repellant properties. This means that it can protect your sofa against the damaging effects of the sun, especially in terms of aging and fading.

Lastly, this L-shaped furniture cover is easy to install and store. There are no tools needed, and it comes with a polyester storage bag for convenience. The double-stitching, durable materials, and quality design ensure a long product life.


  • Protects against all types of weather
  • Made of marine-grade 210 denier Oxford fabric, ensuring durability
  • Features an extra coating with UV and water-repellant properties
  • Customized fit is ensured by the adjustable straps at the bottom
  • Easy to use and store, comes with its own storage bag


  • Only for L-shaped sofas



All in all, these are the best outdoor furniture covers that will keep your patio furniture safe from adverse weather conditions. For a stylish touch, the Classic Accessories patio cover is a great product for your round tables, and it features numerous highlights that will keep your furniture safe.

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